Love Songs Recap – 9 June 2024

SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 2024
“’Oh, I love your smile. Smile for me. Yes I do boy. I love your smile. I love your smile, baby. I love your smile. I really do.” Shanice
Last Sunday, Michael Ball proved once again that he can take on a new challenge, can fill some pretty big shoes, can take an iconic radio show and, with a few genius twists, make it his own. Judging from the accolades the initial broadcast has received, Michael’s success record on the radio is intact: Michael Ball & Ste Softley have another hit on their hands.
“Hello, my lovelies. Welcome to Love Songs with Michael Ball. How’s your week been? So nice of you to join me this morning. I hope you’re having a fabulous Sunday. The next 2 hours? You’re all mine.” Michael opens the show with Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere” and then resumes, “I’ve got a great idea. Do you fancy 2 hours of memories, romance, friendship, giggles and maybe, MAYBE the odd happy tear, and lots of gorgeous music? Yeah? Good. Me, too.” He then thanks everyone who’s welcomed him to LOVES SONGS. “You’ve all been so, so kind. Kindness is what this show is all about.” And he plays the Commodores ‘Easy Like Sunday Morning,’ a perfect song to ease us into our Sunday with this lovely man. Next up is Shanice’s “I Love Your Smile,” Michael’s theme for today. And afterwards we get Michael’s giggle for the first time. Sweet music to my ears, that giggle!
The Loveline. Beautiful & heartfelt messages, voicing love for parents, spouses, friends, all sprinkled throughout the show. My favorite? A woman saying how much she loves her Tibetan Terrier, Willow. I totally understand her sentiment, and so does Michael, who loves his own boys, also Tibetan Terriers. We all love our furbabies.
As with all shows, Michael occasionally will state the name of the show, etc, kind of a sign-in. But at one point he says, “This is LOVE SONGS with Michael Ball” and chuckles, adding, “I can’t get used to saying that!” It still seems a bit unusual to us, too, Michael. It will get easier with time for all of us.
Email. Again lots of requests which Michael reads with sweet emotion. So lovely to listen to that velvet voice put heart and soul into these requests. Yep. Michael and ‘love’ are synonymous, have been for decades, especially since his breakout hit “Love Changes Everything.”
Your Special Day. (There are 2 today). The first is Shane, who’s celebrating his 40th wedding anniversary with Angie. He tells quite a charming and funny story about their wedding, which has Michael laughing hysterically. You have to hear this for yourself! Shane then puts Angie on the phone, who’s shocked to hear Michael’s voice (so delightful). Michael plays Streisand’s “Evergreen” for them. This whole segment is fabulous!
The second “special day?” Jean wants to give her husband Peter a special gift on his 80th birthday. This couple has been together since they were young teenagers, and they are now great-grandparents. Before Michael gives Peter a call, Jean warns him to tell her husband he’s calling on her behalf, “otherwise he’s likely to slam the phone down!” Of course, this sets off Michael’s giggle machine. When Peter answers, sure enough he’s curt, until he hears his wife’s name. Jean then tells her husband he’s going to get his fondest wish – a motor bike, something he’s always wanted. At Jean’s request, Michael plays Peter’s favorite song – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (I love this version!). What an absolutely adorable couple!
At the top of the second hour, Michael returns with, “Hello again, my lovelies. I knew you’d be waiting for me after the news break.” I love how Michael is making this show personal. He addresses us, his listeners, as if we’re having a continuous private conversation. He’s said for years, “It’s not MY show. It’s OUR show.” Michael is truly bringing that sentiment home with LOVE SONGS. He wants us with him at his side on this journey.
Michael speaks with Tracy, who’s about to watch her daughter Saffron get married. Saffron excels at ice hockey – and Michael’s granddaughter Grace plays Rugby – so they discuss supporting their children in sports. This is a wedding that everyone wants – and the groom Dan is very much loved. Michael plays Michael Buble’s “I Wanna Go Home” for Saffron, for Tracy, for Dan, for the entire family. Really nice.
Love Letters – As Michael describes it, “for the old romantic in all of us.” Michael speaks with Heather who’s in Stratford-Upon-Avon, heading up to the Lake District. “Shakespeare country, then off to Wordsworth country. Fabulous!” Michael gushes. I echo his words. I wish I were Heather right now! Heather talks about Stephen, her husband, a man very much revered by all who know him. She feels he doesn’t realize what an exceptional man he truly is. Michael calls Stephen, and Heather reads her sweet love letter, quite emotional at the end. Michael then plays ‘their’ song, Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl.”
The Last Dance. Michael urges everyone to get to their feet for the last song and give everyone a hug. As always, this segment is dedicated to someone who wrote in. This week, Michael dedicates it to Chloe, who lost her nanna just as she’s about to get married. I think this touched Michael because of his own love for his grandmother. And so he plays the last song, so perfect for this moment. Joe Cocker & Jennifer Wames’ “Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong.”
And then it’s over, all too quickly, Michael signing off with the words so beloved by his legions of fans, “Be safe. Be positive. And always try to be kind. I’ll see you next week, God willing.”