Album Cover Name of Album Year Released
 mball Michael Ball 1992
 always Always 1993
 bestof The Best Of Michael Ball 1994
 oco One Careful Owner 1994
 firstlove First Love 1996
 musicals The Musicals 1996
 movies The Movies 1998
 sooflove-small Songs of Love 1998
 rah Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1999
 christmas Christmas 1999
 soflove Secrets of Love 2000
 re-always Always (Re-released) 2000
 collection The Collection 2000
 ttip This Time… It’s Personal 2000
 stage-screen Stage and Screen 2001
 centre-stage Centre Stage 2001
 i-dreamed-a-dream I Dreamed and Dream 2003
 a-love-story A Love Story 2003
 essential Love Changes Everything
The Essential Michael Ball
 music Music 2005
 onevoice One Voice 2006
 bacharach Back to Bacharach 2007
 pastpresent Past and Present 2009
 heros Heroes 2011
 both-sides-now Both Sides Now 2013
 if-everyone-was-listening If Everyone Was Listening 2014