Radio Recap – 11 December 2022

“It’s freezing cold. Heating bills are through the roof. We’re out of the World Cup. But I’m going to give you a good couple of hours,” Michael announces at the top of his radio show.. And he did. A great show!
Fat-sucking pants? A fan writes in about the wrong slacks she wore when layering up against the cold. Elasticated waists are Michael’s remedy. 😂 Mine, too. Whoever invented elastic deserves a special award.
On The Ball. Both contestants did well, and Michael was VERY impressed. Michael goes off on a tangent, talking about the Marvel Universe, bringing the kid out in our host again. This segment also taught me a bit about the Isle of Man, where the participants live.
Planes, trains and automobiles are slowed throughout the UK because of snow and ice, which snuffs out Michael’s usual banter with Orna. I learned something new when he blamed it on The Troll from Trondheim, a weather front that originated in Norway. BTW, for such an extraordinarily busy man, Michael manages to stay up-to-date on everything – TV, movies, news, the West End & Broadway, sports, politics, traffic, weather, music. Even gossip. Impressive.
Susannah Constantine, a style guru, discusses her new book “Ready for Absolutely Nothing,” which Michael calls a rollicking read. Despite the weather, she said NOTHING was going to keep her from seeing the lovely Michael Ball today. She dated Princess Margaret’s son for years, and the princess influenced her life greatly, teaching her to stand up for her own opinions. She and Michael discuss the importance of food over the course of their lives, a wonderfully candid conversation. Michael asks her advice about how to dress a man of a certain age and a certain size. She says he’s a ‘triangle,’ which he disputes in an amusing way. She adds that he’s a warm, fuzzy, good-looking and funny man, and that’s what people notice. She likes what he’s wearing, a gray cashmere sweater and what she calls ‘sloppy pants,’ which makes him ‘cool.’ At the end, Michael puts on a record so the 2 of them can have a private cuddle. This is obviously a longtime friendship and an absolute delight to eavesdrop on. I want to listen to the entire interview again. And I want to read her book.
MIchael lights up the radio when the 2nd requested song in The Family Album is “Reach.” He can hardly contain his excitement! I picture him jumping and dancing around the studio, grinning as he sings along. I’m grinning as I type this! How can you not love a man whose joy is this transparent?
Howard Blake O.B.E. wrote the score of the film “The Snowman,” which is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Blake tells Michael about the history behind creating it as he was employed as a writer of commercial jingles. He talks about his long career in general, which is both interesting and epic. As impressive as this man’s career has been, I was still hearing “Reach” in my mind. Sorry about that.
Michael’s two hours on the radio always comes to a conclusion sooner than I expect. The time flies by, and I’m always left wanting more. Which is as it should be. Until next week when we’ll be treated to Michael’s Christmas show … ❤️