Radio Recap – 16 October 2022


OCTOBER 16, 2022


If you need a good laugh or cheering up, listen to Michael’s radio show today. Segments of it are hilarious. He’s been on a treadmill lately, with his concerts in Australia and all the publicity for his new book and CD. He opened the show with the fabulous “Reach” which he’s said repeatedly is his favorite song. Michael’s giggles are liberally spread throughout the show. His “Adorable Meter” shoots through the roof when his little boy giggle rat-a-tats out. We learned he’s not good at ironing but is excellent at “Hoovering.” Being an American, I delight in Michael always teaching me new terms for ordinary nouns or verbs. 😂 My favorite so far is “windy” (from a long-ago interview)! Little did I know how much this word would come into play later! Michael’s full of reveals today, admitting he’s now accused of dying his hair when it’s the first time he hasn’t – He no longer highlights it. Turning to the subject of Children in Need, he does a great interview with Malachi, a “carer,” another new term for me, people who give of themselves and take care of others. He delves into the stress of this job, something rarely discussed, so bravo, Michael. He also interviews a woman whose child is seriously ill and has benefited from Children In Need. Of course he talks with the children, which is so sweet. And then there’s the interview with author Yvette Fielding about her new book THE RIPPER OF WHITECHAPEL and the existence of the paranormal (I’m a believer and have experienced it). We learn that Michael LOVES being scared! But the best part of the show – Towards the end of this segment, Michael went off on a tangent of giggles (shattering his Adorable Meter into tiny bits!), I mean OFF, completely LOSING IT, referencing the aftereffect of his eating curry. It was HILARIOUS!! The airwaves were filled with nothing but non-stop giggles from both of them for almost 60 seconds. ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!!! Michael had a hard time getting control again. It was one of those moments that will be talked about for a long, long time. Thank you, Michael, for making my Sunday. 😂❤️🤣