Radio Recap – 26 February 2023

Thank God it’s Sunday! I’m craving familiarity, and I know exactly where to find it. ‘Michael’s Place’ on BBC RADIO 2. From the moment Michael greets us with, “Hello, my lovelies,” I know what to expect. For the next 2 hours there will be On the Ball and interviews and great music. Michael’s brain will move faster than his mouth, and he’ll say something accidental which will get both Orna and him giggling. And giggling. I love these 2. And I love these 2 hours. I’m in my comfort zone. So I snuggle further down into my oversized robe, put my feet up and make sure I have a full cuppa.
Michael hoots and howls over Ste’s option this week for the new theme music. I can see him dancing around the studio to this music. I won’t give it away by trying to describe it. You MUST hear it for yourself.
I don’t give enough focus to Michael’s Sunday boasts. He loves doing them, loves accommodating his fans and friends when possible. As he says, “If it makes you happy, it makes me happy.” So here’s to Michael showing his big heart as he relays messages from his listeners.
On the Ball. During this segment we learn Michael failed math back in school. Then it’s on to the contestants who are Thomas & Ian. There are lots of laughs all around, lots of banter.
Michael and Orna laugh about Ste’s theme music and the idea of Michael in red Lycra dancing around to it. Let’s hope Ste has his camera handy if this ever DOES happen! This then moved into talk of Michael dancing in red Lycra at the top of the Chard for Comic Relief. And all this began because of a few offhand comments from Michael during Ste testing out new theme music!
Michael’s first guest is Anne Reid who will star in the UK premiere of MARJORIE PRIME by Jordan Harrison at the Menier Chocolate Factory in London. She’s done EVERYTHING, including CORONATION STREET back in the day. She speaks at great length about the play she’s doing, about the cast, about the plot. The most interesting thing she said (for me) was that she doesn’t trust directors, that she feels they interfere with the ‘painting,’ but that she trusts Dominic Dromgoole with this one. It’s rather a jarring statement when you think how important directors are in the larger picture of the theater. Now I want to read more about Anne Reid. IOW, Michael did it again – brought in an interesting interview that’s going to make me go digging further.
Wow. Applause for Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe singing “Barcelona.”
His next guest? Don Black. Where do I begin? These 2 men know each other so well, have known each other for decades. How can this not be one of Michael’s greatest interviews? Don Black talks about his upcoming West End musical BONNIE & CLYDE. And he gives us an incredible peek behind the scenes of Michael’s upcoming performance in ASPECTS. He says we’ll see Michael as we’ve never seen him before. This is such a great interview between 2 old friends in the business, always so revealing, always Michael at his very best.
Michael gives me a safe place to land on Sundays as one week comes to a close and another begins. He fills me in on his week, interviews fascinating people who never fail to pull me into their orbit, recommends TV shows and books, gives me a dose of optimism and always makes me laugh. In this crazy world I need a place where change isn’t a way of life and where I can find a little peace. That’s where Michael resides on the radio.
What struck me most today was how much fun Michael was having with the show. His joy swept me right along with him. Now that I’ve dropped by his place for my Sunday fix, I’m ready to face the week. Until next Sunday …