Radio Recap – 29 January 2023

“Hello, my lovelies!” With his signature shout-out, we’re off on another rollicking Sunday adventure with Michael. And I DO mean rollicking! He’s high-octane, high energy today, his enthusiasm most likely bouncing off the studio walls. This American slug couldn’t help but respond despite the insane hour here in the States. The sun isn’t even up yet, but my foot is tapping to the beat of the music.
On the Ball. We learn that Michael took Wilbur to one of his favorite parks. Unfortunately, the dog discovered deer poo, using it as “an amuse-bouche and as a new cologne.” How I love Michael’s new pup who sounds as quirky and hilarious as the man himself. But I digress … This segment of On the Ball is its usual fun, Michael’s giggles sprinkled generously throughout, particularly in the segment with Alan.
In his first segment with Orna, Michael confessed his cab crashed while taking him to one of his appointments this week. Apparently, it was a bit bad, but Michael says he’s fine. Still, Orna, who was at the event, worries about a delayed reaction with him (So do I). And Michael still had to pay the cab fare! You have GOT to be kidding me!!!
Michael’s first guest is one of the stars of the new TV docuseries “24/7 Pet Hospital” Anna Cronin. It’s a team effort, she stresses, and each member of the team has their specialty. You won’t believe how far they’ll go in order to make a dog or a cat comfy. It’s brilliant! If you love animals, this series is for you. Anna told several stories, including one about 2 boxers getting sick from eating corn on the cob. Michael disclosed that Wilbur has been eating his chew toys which he discovered when … well … picking up after the pup … outside.
Michael’s second guest is Janey Godley. Described as “Glasgow’s finest funny lady,” she is about to embark on her ‘Not dead yet’ tour. First diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Nov 2021, it reappeared 3 months ago. As many of you know, this is a subject near and dear to Michael’s heart because of Cathy’s sister-in-law Angela, who died of the dreaded disease over 30 years ago. This amazing woman speaks bravely and with laughter. She’s tough and genuine and a role model for everyone. I am in awe of her. This is such a WONDERFUL interview, not to be missed! Actually, the whole show is excellent.
My grandmother passed her love for the radio on to me at a very young age. Somehow it got lost over the years because of so many other media choices, and I’m sorry about that. There’s something quite wonderful about listening to a disembodied voice materialize out of the ether. Michael’s personality is bigger than the radio. He’s able to reach out across the airwaves, making us laugh or inspiring us to think or touching us with an interview, like today. Thank you, Michael, for giving me back my love for this medium and for giving everyone a lovely way to start their Sundays. Your inspiration knows no bounds.