Radio Recap – 30 October 2023


OCTOBER 30, 2022

Michael’s broadcast comes from Salford today as he will be signing CDs in Manchester this afternoon. There was the usual we’ve all come to love – On The Ball and the Family Album – and his banter with Orna is always so much fun – but there seemed to be A LOT more music than usual, including a tip of the hat to Jerry Lee Lewis, who passed away this week.


Brendan O’Carroll (well known for his hilarious portrayal of Mrs. Brown) introduces his new autobiography “Call Me Mrs. Brown” and chats with Michael about his colorful life. To be honest, this interview seemed a touch flat, VERY unusual for Michael who’s always at the top of his game when interviewing guests. It could have just been me at that moment – I seem to be a bit off today.

Next was famed author John Grisham calling in from his farmhouse in Virginia to promote his latest thriller “The Boys From Biloxi.” A former lawyer, he discusses how the law still inspires his novels after writing so many best-sellers – many made into feature films (The Firm, The Pelican Brief, The Rainmaker, A Time To Kill, etc). Michael asks all the right questions, delving into details about Mr. Grisham’s writing. Grisham is honest, holding nothing back, and he’s engaging. I freely confess I’ve been a Grisham fan for decades and have lost whole weekends reading his novels. For anyone who doesn’t know John Grisham’s work, Michael certainly wet your appetite with this informative and superb interview.

Sunday mornings with Michael Ball. There’s nothing better. ❤️