Radio Recap – 6 November 2022

Such a delightful show today! Soggy Michael got caught in the rain this morning as he walked the dogs. I can just picture him dashing from his car to the studio doors, squishing all the way! Lots of boasts today. Lovely family album with Michael playing Queen’s “The Show Must Go Oh.” Love that song. Also “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” which brings back memories from so long ago.
On The Ball – Brian chose the ‘middle one’ on the first question which elicited quite the reaction from Michael. Michael’s interplay with Brian in general is hilarious, and at one point he calls him a lying hound (Love that phrase – I may borrow it). And, lucky us, during this segment Michael comes close to another giggle fit.
Today is about Children In Need’s Sir Terry Wogan Fundraiser of the Year. The first finalist in the over-18 category is an 81-yr-old woman named Aileen who does long walks publicizing the charity. She’s been doing it for decades. I hope I got this right because my lousy American dialect had a little trouble understanding her lovely Glasgow accent, or I should say ‘lilt.’ The second finalist is Stephen Wakefield who’s been fundraising for 32 years. He (I believe) dresses as a bear and also walks, bringing in donations. He’s become quite well known in the area of Leeds. The third finalist is Charlie Holland who has Cerebral Palsy. Despite many challenges, Charlie canoes 52 miles to raise money for Children In Need. Michael is at his best when talking about his favorite charity. Next week will continue with this theme as he announces the finalists for the under-18 category.
I wondered throughout the show if Michael had gotten his new pup Wilbur because of his reference to walking the ‘dogs.’ He announced late in the show that Wilbur comes to them in 2 weeks. He’s so excited, like a little kid who can’t wait for Christmas! It’s so endearing, Michael’s love for dogs. The dogs he walked this morning must have been the whole family’s dogs.