Radio Recap – 7 August 2022


AUGUST 7. 2022


He’s back this week, and he’s in fine form. On The Ball. A touching Family Album. Great music. Michael & Orna’s giggly banter (Always a favorite of mine). He spoke about losing Dylan, quite stoically actually, but you could hear the underlying heartbreak in his voice. I love how he reads listeners boasts and requests – you can tell how much he enjoys doing this – his big heart peeking through. FANTASTIC interview with Ricky Ross of Deacon Blue about his memoir and how his music inspired him to write it. It’s magnificent to hear these 2 songwriters/authors totally “get” each other. That kind of connection is rare and thrilling to witness. His second interview was just as riveting – Jill Nadler and Michael talk about the AIDS crisis that began in the 80’s when Michael was just starting out. They discuss the major loss to the creative arts community, especially in the West End and Broadway, and the fundraising done to help those afflicted. Again, you can hear Michael’s personal connection to this woman and that time in history. (This subject is close to my heart, having lost my own share of friends in NYC back in the day.) A GREAT INTERVIEW. Such a good show this morning. Sundays are always better when they begin with listening to Michael on the radio, but this morning was especially inspiring. ❤️❤️❤️