Radio Recap – 9 October 2022


OCTOBER 9, 2022


G-R-E-A-T show today! Michael’s quick wit, his giggles, his over-the-top joy at being back is front and center. I dragged out of bed this morning, but his enthusiasm infused me. On The Ball is one laugh after another – the missed question about Eurovision especially funny. Also his reveal about ordering dessert when out with his family. He chooses something no one else will want to try and he always brings an extendable fork! He revealed that a new “little man” is coming into his home in the next few weeks. Michael’s passion for dogs is both glorious and legendary. He also spoke passionately about the start of the Children in Need Fundraiser of the Year, near and dear to his heart). But what makes this show a stand-out is Michael’s bubbly giggles and enthusiasm, so genuine and the best way to start a chilly autumn Sunday.